36x14.50R15, What size wheel?

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Apr 20, 2003
What size wheel and back spacing can I use for 36x14.50R15's. I have these tires laying around and hate to have to sell them and buy narrower tires, I know you should go with a 15x8, but I don't think this will work with these tires. Thanks
how wide are your wheels?

i've understood it that your wheel should be no more than 4 inches narrower than your tire...

am i wrong?
The backspacing is gonna depend on whether you have disc or drum brakes...and what the wheel is made of. But cruisers can handle atmost 3.75 to 3.5 backspacing. I have heard the same thing as Rusmannx on the general rule of thumb of tire to rim widths, but I have heard of people running 12.5s on 6 and 7 inch wide rims. :eek: I would never do it, but some people have. If I had your tires, I would run 15x10s with the 3.5 inch backspacing. On another note, my buddy is running 14.5 wide tires and runs a 15x10 with 2 inch backspacing.

There are a couple different threads on backspacing. Read them. They have some good info. On TLCs 3.5" is the maximum.
For rim width there are a few different schools of thought. I like 2" narrower than tire. The problem is that tires are seldom what they say they are. For example, my tires say 35" but are actually only 34" tall. Says 12.5" wide but is only 12.25" measured in the widest portion of sidewall if mounted on 10" rim. The tread is only 10.5" wide. Today on the trail my rear end slid over against a rock and wiped out my wheel weights. My wide wheels look cool but this isn't the first time I've wished I'd gotten narrower. If you have a friend or connection with 10" and 12" wheels do a "mock-up". Mount one tire on each size and look at them. Think about the type of use they will see. Wide floats well in sand or mud but also is prone to rock damage.
backspacing = 3.5" or smaller

My rule of thumb is tire section width x .66.

14.5 x .66 = 9.57 ~ 10"
12.5 x .66 = 8.25 ~ 8"
10.5 x .66 = 6.93 ~ 7"
Hey, good rule of thumb Woody. If I had gone that route I wouldn't have wiped out my wheel weights yesterday. I think I'll change wheel and tire combos. Put my MTs on the 8s and put the paddles on the wide rims.
Yeah I went and looked at a friend's 33x12.5 BFG M/T's today and he had them on 10" rims, Can't air down much without losing a bead and they look like those ridiculously wide crappy tires they put on Heeps with body lifts. :-X
I checked with my tire guy today to be sure that my TSL's are comin on 8 inchers so I can air down with less worry about losing a bead. :D

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