36x14.50 -16 TSL Radial

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Oct 20, 2005
Anyone running these I have a great deal on a set. I'm currently running 315-75-16 Toyo mt's they will rub just a bit at full flex but other than that nothing. My truck is no longer a daily driver its retired to a hunting truck and sees mostly dirt roads and muddy fields I've sank it with the Toyos a couple of times and looking for a little more traction. Truck does see about 4,000 miles of highway a year.

Stock wheels J springs, L shocks, and one inch spacers, fender flare free, and 4.88 gears.
The hight does not worry me but I don't know about the width.

Not sure for certain but in my interco experience I ran the 36 x 13.5 r17 irok radials with j springs / l shocks and no spacers and was fine. I did run them on sequoia wheels with more back spacing but with flares and never ripped one off with plenty of wheeling; only polished the rear frame rails. HTH
I run the SAM-27 bias Swamper which has a thinner cross section than the ones you're thinking of. They're on ProComp steel rims and the truck has a 4" Ironman lift. There is slight frame rail contact and top wheel well contact in the rear at full stuff, but I have not lowered my bumpstops, nor do I plan to. No contact up front.
I think the wider cross section may become an issue depending on the backspacing of your rims.
On my 91 I ran the S-205 TSL/SX also on steel rims, but with a 3.75" backspacing. Those required just a touch of fender flare trimming in the rear when stuffing due to the width. Again, frame rail contact and wheel well contact at full stuff in the rear. Same lift.

If your tires don't rub, you can fit bigger tires.

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