36 tires and OME mediums, pics

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Mar 28, 2006
Bend, OR
Here are a few pics of my new wheelset and lift. Tundra steelies 16x7 with Swamper 36x12.5x16 on OME mediums. I'm pretty light with just tube bumpers, no bumpstops yet, the only place I'm getting it to rub is rightside only inner wheel well. Hit it with a hammer, painted it and seems to be working out...I guess time will tell. Thanks for looking IM000520.jpg


Holy crap you stuffed those wheel wells good ;)

Looks nice, but I wouldn't be too shocked to see you adding spacers or something in the future :D
Oh yeah, I didn't mention I bought the lift used...so hopfully it'll be around for awhile.
Wow! That looks really nice! Great job!
Did you make that bumper or is it available somewhere?
wow, that is a full wheel well.

Here is a pic of mine with 315 75r16. WHich is almost a 35. I have medium rear and j's in front.
Nitto 315 001 (Small).jpg
Wow, how does it drive with stock gears?

Also, how did you get 36x12.5x16 to fit on 16x7 steelies? They don't look nearly as pinched in the center as I would have imagined. I would imagine the minimum wheel width required would be 8 inches.
Nice looking Chris! That is definitely a different look from 2 weeks ago when I met you.

How loud is that thing at 60 mph?

Make sure Otis keeps his head in without the flares (thank god for Rhinoliner)!

It drives pretty slow off the start with the stock gears...the 5.29 should help this.

The truck has durabak on it. cheap and easy.

I got the wheels from a friend, he had them mounted, think of them as the poor mans beadlock, the wheels tuck in perfect with this combo otherwise there would be a whole lot of cuttin going on.

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