35x12.50's on Widened OEM Wheels with Hubcaps

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Jan 2, 2003
1977 FJ-40, 35x12.50 R15 BFG TA KM (not KM2), on widened 15x7 (15x5.5 originally) OEM wheels with new OEM hubcaps.
Couple more pictures...
Thats the way a 40 should look
Looks great - keeping the stock look with a bigger and wider setup. Did Stockton do the widening, or some other wheel shop?
Looks awsome, who did the widening?
That's the way a 40 should look

I've always thought so...

Looks great - keeping the stock look with a bigger and wider setup. Did Stockton do the widening, or some other wheel shop?

These were offered by Specter Off-Road back in 2000ish. I asked for SOR gift cards for 2 years in a row and got 4 of them. Why SOR went with 7" over 8" is a mystery to me, but I've always assumed that Stockton did the work.

Looks great x2. Why did you choose to go with 7" width vs. 8" or other?

See above. I'd much prefer an 8" as it would be safer/more appropriate...but I have no complaints for road manners and looks with the 7"...Discount had no issues mounting and balancing.

stock gearing or??

The truck is running 4.56 gears and has a Toyota H55F 5-speed...the 2F is bored .020 over and she Cruises at 75 and 2400 RPMs all day...

Looks awesome,


great looking....x2 "That's the way a 40 should look "

I have an OCD top in white, a Bandi tailgate and a pair of OEM soft doors ready...just waiting on my bows!

Inquiring minds... Do tell. :popcorn:
They look great.

Only problem with the wheels is that SOR supplied the shop doing the widening with Drum Wheels. The rivets were removed and the centers re-welded, but rivets and welds are NOT the only difference between Drum-Brake and Disc-Brake wheels. The "ears" on the inner wheel that are either riveted or welded to the outer wheel are a bit thicker on the Drum Brake riveted wheel than on the Disc Brake welded wheel. Even after welding, these "ears" made contact on all 4 corners of this '77 with front and rear discs. Some careful grinding took care of this, with no effect on integrity and (apparently) no effect on ability to balance. So, Drum-Brake wheels *can* be used for widening on Disc-Brake Cruisers, but it's not "plug-and-play" in my experience.

SOR hasn't carried these wheels for many years and, of course, Stockton is out of business. For those looking for an alternative, I have heard good things about Bolton's Classic Wheels.

Here are some pictures of the Cruiser with the same tires and 15x10.5" black rock crawlers with 2.5" B/S:
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That all you fools need to know. They can even make the hubcaps fit any wheel they make... Cool and less than 200 per custom wheel
Thx for the correct link, my bad...
Looks great, Garth! :)

OEM look with big tires; It don't get no better!

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