35's with no lift.. .. yes.. .. or no!! Help

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Sep 30, 2006
Calgary Alberta Canada
Just wondering if anyone is running 35's with no lift. If there is rubbing, does the rig suck to drive?? any other opinions/help is appreciated.

Anyway I have found a set of Procomp AT's 35/12.5/15's that have about 60% remaining on them and am thinking of buying them up.. let me know your thoughts on the size and on the Tires too.

if you could post some pic's that would help too

thanks again,
buy them if they are good deal but I would probably not throw them on until you get a lift.. of course that just my opinion
I ran 35s stock for a few weeks before I found time to install my J lift. Occasional rubbing up in the wheelwells when going over speedbumps or attempting any wheeling, but unless a few small black marks inside your wheel wells bothers you...it can be done.
There are tons of posts I've seen asking this or a very similar question. Search "315" in title under 80's section for more.

I can tell you the only mod I have done so far is 315 Toyo's and I have no lift. The front tires were rubbing on the front/lowest most part of the running boards while turning. I took those off and haven't rubbed since.

With that said, I've only driven on the street and I'm convinced they'd rip the flares off if I went off road. The Toyo's are supposed to be one of the 'bigger' 315's available though.

FYI, the tires are just the first step for my build. I did it this way on purpose so I could ramp it with stock springs, and then again with Slee's 4" springs, (being shipped to me as I type!) to get an idea for shock mounts / bump stops. Most likely going custom shocks (eye to eye) front and rear.

Good luck
I think it's a bad idea because of rubbing / ripping if you hit even a slightly large bump under the right circumstances. And if you wheel, definitely no. Best bet is to match your suspension / gearing with your tires. So suspension first, then tires to match. Or both at the same time.
Just to add another point, unless you're planning on lifting your vehicle and adding bump stop extensions you probably don't want 35's. Of course if you never go off-road I guess it doesn't matter. I won't even go on rough roads, dirt or not, with how my truck is right now.

See pic above? The one with my ONE center cap I had on the front of my truck!?!? I took that pic just this a.m. and now I go to Harbor Freight and some Mo$%er Fu#$er must have stolen it, (it could have fallen off, but I drive like a grandma). There were at least a half dozen people just walking around when I went in, and when I came out. DAMMIT!

Sorry just had to gripe!

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