35's, aussie, v8, and stock axles

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Sep 5, 2006
Boulder, Co
recipie for disaster?the locker is in the rear, but i can already tell that it is really stressing the axles much more. are the 35's going to kill the front and rear axles or can i expect some life out of them?
wheel spin is bad and dont back up and turn the wheel :meh: ... wheelem till they brake and start savin :steer::hillbilly:
not there yet.. body lift gets here in the mail hopefully this week, and tires are on backorder. Hopefully they get in by friday as we are planning a little bit of a snow run and the iddybiddy tires I traded my 33's for would act like captian hook with his wooden peg leg trying to walk through the snow. This aussie locker is kinda nuts on the road.. pulls right then left then right, then right hard.
if I keep the throttle light it does much better, but jumping on and off the gas makes it basically lock and unlock like and on off switch.

i seem to have to coast into parking spots, if i drive into them the truck jerks around a lot too... maybe it'll get better with age.

I can say the darn thing locks though...
You will not have much trouble i would think with 35's and a rear locker but anything over that i would be concerned.

Nice thing about the locker is that it allows you to be lighter on the skinny pedal.

Now if you had a locker in the front with 35's and stock birfs and axles i would be concerned
Yep that sounds like an Aussie/Lockright until you adjust your driving behavior to accommodate. I have to coast into parking spots in my 40, usually in neutral, or else it will kick.

Nathaniel broke his longside rear on his 60 (he had some kind of autolocker, can't remember which now) on Chinamans with a 2F, so it's all about driving style. Like someone else said, carry a spare of some sort with you (I would suggest a longside rear and a birf), and if you end up breaking stuff then either adjust your driving style or upgrade.
save up

I am also running 35's and an aussie. clutch or gas, no feathering around corners. I did put longfields in when I rebuilt the front end. Save up and put superaxles and longfields in (along with Marlin seals) and never worry about it again.
Cool, thanks for all the input. I already got a set of rear axles as replacements before we head to moab. now i'm thinking about the front...

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