35s and Stock Gears

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Dec 19, 2010
San Juan Cap.
Fellas. I'm currently looking at a truck that I'm interested in purchasing. It has a 2.5-3 inch lift. Armor on the front w/winch, rear w/tire carrier, and
sliders. All this is sitting on 35s and stock gears.

No bueno???

I'm assuming the truck will feel sluggish. What else is all this weight affecting?? Future concerns?? I know I can regear to 4.88s, but that's a cost.
Set me straight on this please.

Thanks fellas.
It'll be sluggish but not uselessly so. I was living at nearly 7000 feet with my 1FZ and I had 315s with stock gearing and it was still usable. Sea level? That thing will fly.
Ooops. It a '97 1FZ and yes on the sea level.
I'm running a 5ish inch lift, 35s, ARB front, Warn M1200, and carry a good bit of weight with me. I live at about 1100 feet and frequently drive in the mountains up to 6000 feet. Daily driven on stock gears. Feels fine, but don't expect to pass anyone very often. Cruise control is useless.
I was on 37s and stock gears from po. Pretty sluggish. I went down to 35's and it's fine. Mine is a 96.
35s and stock gears here. I keep the power button pushed in while driving in town. 3500ft above sea level. Meh, it's never been a race car, and I really don't notice much difference than factory recommended rubber. If you use a heavy right foot and don't mind watching that little gauge on the right move downward to the "E"a bit more quickly and are not using it for a primary towing vehicle, it'll just feel like an inline 6 cyl that's almost 20 years old.....
A sluggish 80? :eek: Yes it will be slower, but not noticeably. Besides, if you want a race car you need to look elsewhere. These things, by today's standards, are overweight and underpowered. They really were not meant for cruising at 80 MPH. They were originally designed as a reliable expeditionary vehicle and were modified for the US market. Take the 80 with the 35s and enjoy it :cheers:
I was running stock gears and 35's for a while a few years back, the only bad things are:

Puts more strain on your ujoints (replaced mine several times, problem went away when I moved to 37's and 5.29's)

Also, if you have the power button pushed, the lockup in OD Is around 57 MPH, this is more like 65ish with the tires...

The lockup with power off is around 43 MPH...

I don't have a temp gauge on my trans, but would imagine it getting pretty hot if you are cruising around at just below lockup with the power button pushed...

But the 1FZ-FE is more than capable of getting it done with armor and 35's and stock gears as others have pointed out...
I've had mine for many years with 315 Toyo MTs and OEM steelies. IMHO, there is a noticeable difference between 275 and 285 and 285 to 315. The Toyo 315s and the OEM steelies weigh close to 110 lbs. I'm essentially at sea level, but drive though somewhat hilly terrain (300 ft elev change). I hate having it drop down to 3rd every time I hit an incline, and I'm probably 5500 lbs empty.
Funny hearing people talk about their 80 being sluggish. I guess they've never had a 60. To me, the 80 is a race car, no matter the tire size.
I went from a 55 to the 80...


I run 315s as well. You'll be fine.
I drove mine with 35's and stock gears from Texas to Washington with no real issues. It was slow but it's was never fast to begin with. I always used the power button. Only issue I saw was in Moab when I could have used different gears when offroading.
I drove mine w/ 35's and stock gears for over a year. Its fine for the pavement but the 80 is anemic at best, so why keep the stock gears? I just swapped mine to 4.88's before Christmas. I think I even get better milage for my stop-and-go/around-the-town type driving too. If you do plan on switching to 4.88's plan on replacing the wipers/seals and do a Birf. service at the same time.
Funny hearing people talk about their 80 being sluggish. I guess they've never had a 60. To me, the 80 is a race car, no matter the tire size.

thissssss.... i'm coming from a suzuki with a 1.6, my lexus has tons of power... no it's not my trailblazer ss, but it's still absolutely reasonably powered
I've done 33's, 35's, and now 37's on my stock geared 94. All at higher (3600ft) elevation, daily driven. I honestly notice more issue with the braking than the acceleration. It started out slow, now it's slightly slower. Like others said, they're just that way, underpowered and overweight.
Stock gears and 37"s, the sign says 13114 ft, made it there and back home without issue. It's not fast, but for my use, plenty adequate. If I wanted something fast, this wouldn't of been my first choice in vehicle.:hillbilly:
my 3FE on 35's is fine; won't win a drag race, but it's not scary merging onto the highway kinda slow. Mine doesn't have the additional weight of bumpers, winch, etc...
95 on 37s and no problem, I actually like It. Just over sea level.

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