350 wiring

Jan 5, 2003
San Antonio TX
OK, I know this is probably the 2nd time I have asked but I am gonna do it again because the info I received last time doesnt match with what is in the cruiser. I am trying to wire in a 350 in my 71 fj40 and having a little difficulty. I need to know where these wires go on the 350. On the passenger side I have a
1) 10 ga yellow wire w/ a ring terminal
2) 12 ga blk/yelllow
3) 12 ga yellow
4) there is a red wire and a green wire also but, they are tied off?

Drivers side
1) 12 ga yell/blk
2) 12 ga yell/blu
3) 12 ga grn/yell

These are all I can find on it. It has been dismantled for over a year now and I'd like to get her running for the summer. All help would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you have pics of how you setup the slave cylinder on the clutch, I can't get mine to operate. I have a AA kit and the bellhousing doesn't seem like there is enough room for the clutch to work thanks again


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Jan 15, 2002
Toquerville UT
you need 4 wires to run.

1> thick one from the bellhousing to the battery ground
2> thick one from the starter to the battery positive
3> start-hot (black/yellow) to the solenoid
4> run-hot AND start-hot (blue/red I think....) to the coil/dist

Alternator has a couple too, but don't recall those specifically....

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