350 Tbi Parts

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Nov 13, 2007
ocala, Florida
I have some stuff. My buddy went to jail for the next 8 and I have his tbi stuff that he still owes me $$ for . If you want it I will sell it to recoup my $$$$$$$$$$.

here is the list and what i paid for it.

serp belt brackets 20
intake 20
tbi 30
fuel pump(new) 70
harness Complete truck 40
pcm 30
dizzy 25
ps pump 20
sensors(all of them)I belive 45
alt 15
r12 comp (for oba) 25
pulleys for serp and fan 25
coil 10


I have 375 plus countless hours in to pulling this stuff if you want it it is yours for 350. let me know what you think. Bandy rooster has first dibs .

I also have the motor all this stuff come from 200 for the motor or 500 takes it all. the motor has over 300k but it did run when I pulled it from the truck it is from a 94 chevy p/u and sold as is.
Location in Ocala , Florida 34472
Lcal pick up perfered . can have delivered along the east coast.

All shipping is on the buyers dime.

According to ups. shipping to sanfran, Cal. is $60 for a 50 lb box measuring 20x20x20 this will use prob 3 boxes .

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TBI 002.jpg
TBI 003.jpg

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