350 SBC how does the Chevy T-case mount?

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Dec 4, 2002
Just wondering if anyone is running an all chevy set up? 350, th 350 and 205?? I may have one lined up and was wondering about how the Trans and T-case are held up?
I know when keeping the Toyota T case there is the piece that runs across the frame and bolts to the back of the Case.

I know the Motor mounts and such need to be set and welded to frame for the engine but what about the rest?

Also know I will need a centered rear diff.

Any photos or help is as always apprecieated. :beer:
Mine has the cross-member from a Blazer with the adapter between the 465 and 205 mounted on the cross-member.
Did you need to modify that peice from the blazer at all?
is it bolted or welded to the frame.

PO did the installation, and I'm making as assumption about the source of the cross-member. I figure it was cut down on the sides to fit the narrower width of my 25. It's bolted to the frame. You'll make your life difficult if you weld the cross-member to the frame.
The adapter housing that connects the TH350 to the NP205 has two mounting holes in the bottom. The chev crossmember is cut down to fit and bolted to the FJ frame. Offroad designs website has a tech page telling you how to twin stick the 205. Alaska offroads site also has good instructions for this mod. It will enable you to use 2LO or use front drive only to "Atlas" around a tight spot.

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