350 in an FJ55?

Apr 3, 2003
anyone running a 350 in an FJ55? if so how does it run? what adapter did you use? pics?

thanks for the help.

Jan 26, 2003
I don't have a 350, but I do have a 400. It is basically the same thing, externally wise, just a small block. Right now it runs like crap because the carb on it sucks and needs to be messed with, but when it runs good, it runs awesome. A 55 is pretty heavy and I have no problems what so ever moving it around with the 400. I haven't really worked on the 55 much yet, but I want to clean everything up in the engine compartment when I get to it. I want to put some type of fuel injection on it soon, just waiting to finish the 40 first.
Oct 5, 2003
Golden, CO
Got a rebuilt 350 sbc. Runs like a champ. Quadra-jet needs tunning but I got more power and torque than I know what to do with. Fuel economy sucks but I have a 3 mile commute! I didn't do the conversion but I understand its pretty much just like doing a 40. Check with Advanced Adapters, they will know exactly what is needed to mate up a 350 in a 55. Good luck.
Apr 16, 2003
I've been running one for fifteen years. Sm420 trans, AA engine mounts with rear crossmember. Also have Saginaw power steering. Runs great, lots of power and torque. FJ55+V8 is the way to go.

Feb 13, 2002
Davis, CA
I threw a junkyard 350 and sm420 into the pig a couple years ago. It wasn't too bad of a swap. When it's tuned right, it runs like a champ! Go 350!!!

As far as adaptors go, I bought the 350 engine mounts through Wardens (defunct?) that were actually Advanced Adaptors products- same with the t-case crossmember. The 3/4" adaptor plate between the 420 and the 3spd tcase was warden's, but there are a few others who make them still. The only note I can add, is that the crossmember to hang the t-case in back- it is different for 55's, because there is more room between the frame rails on a fj55, than on a fj40.

If you have an engine hoist, a buddy that can weld, a level, a cutting torch or cut-off grinder, and the necessary adaptors, engines etc... then you're set.

It's just like changing the oil, only you're changing the entire engine instead... hehe.

Oh yeah. When I did it, I was told that I needed to go with power steering- or I would have clearance issues. So I did. I don't know if you can get by with out it.... Just what I was told.

I can't find any pics of the 350 actually in the pig- but Here's the reason why I went 350... I bought the entire pig for $1200, and it was going to cost me more to rebuild this thing, than the 350 conversion.
Hope that helps....

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