35 X 14wide tires, would they work

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Dec 4, 2002
I may be able to score some 35 X 14 X 15 tires. Would they fit on the 40? I will have 4 inch suspension, probably some slightly taller shackles and a reversal. Trimming fenders is not a problem, but dont want to if I dont have to.

Any one running a 10 wide inch rim? issues with turning? or hitting something.

Before everyone tells me to go SOA. I want to know if this would be feasable.

3.5 inch backspacing.

my 40 with 4" TPI lift, stock shackle height and uncut fenders. I think you will have issues with that tire width on the front, my 35x12.50 km's on 15x8's will rub the springs just before full lock of the steering wheel. I should trim my rear fenders but I'm a wuss :p
I'm running 35x14.50-15 SSR's on my 40 with a 4" Skyjacker lift and extended anti-inversion shackles. They're mounted on 10" wide wheels and I haven't had any problems with them. I did install Bush Wacker rear flares which do require a little trimming so there is a bit more room to stuff them in the rear.
Hopefully the picture I attached will come through.

Mark H
Pic did not come through but I would like to see a few if you have them.

you can PM them if that is easier, Thanks very much.
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I should trim my rear fenders so everyone would think I actually wheeled. :p

FIXED IT FOR YA' :cheers:

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FIXED IT FOR YA' :cheers:


:flipoff2: hey old man river, Jerry Garcia called....he want his haircut back :D
UH, so does anyone have a photo of what that would look like?
the only thing that happens when the tires do hit in the rear is it bends the fender in a little bit which you can just pull back out with your hands
Go for it. There should be enough room. I run that size with a minimal lift. Trim the rear, and extend your bumpstops as needed, and enjoy. I personally love the 14.5 in width, except in the rain!

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