For Sale 34 x 9.50 Super swampers in PA

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Apr 20, 2003
NE PA coal region
United States
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Looking to sell the swampers that came on a recently acquired FJ40. Going with street only tires for this truck. This is a set of five 34x9.50x15 super swamper narrow special service tires less that 2k miles on the 4 that are on the truck. The four on the truck are excellent and the spare has the same tread depth but slight dry cracking on it. It of course holds air fine and looks good. Price $700 located in northeast PA. I don't want to ship these. This is for tires only rims are not included. best to email me Thanks, Gary

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Please let me know if you change your mind on shipping.

Thank you
hey gary, what type of lift if any does the fj40 have? i'm intrested in the tires, if they will fit ok, thanks.dave. south jersey
The 40 has an Old Man Emu suspension, springs and shocks. Not sure what the lift would be in inches. I'm sure these tires are awesome on the trail but I didn't want them on a street rig. I put a set of 33 x 10.50's on the truck yesterday.
ok, thanks my 40 still has a stock suspension and im in the process of restoring it for the road and trail. i was thinking of a small lift when i replace the suspension. 33x10.50's were my first thought for new tires. like to see what the new tires look like
Price drop to $700 for the set of five. Tires have been dismounted from wheels and are now available. Will get some pictures if it ever stops snowing here............. Gary
I can't believe these are still available... these are GREAT TIRES for a 40 or mini truck... wow.

I agree! Bump for a good deal on some great tires. I'll link this on our CLCC site.
I believe they are not radials. They've been dismounted and are now in my garage available for pickup! Lotsa lotsa tread on these bad boys............. Gary
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