33X13.50 Swamper LTB's

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UP of MI.
Jan 28, 2003
UP of Michigan
If anyone wants a set of tires, these have 120 miles on them and haven't been balance, shaved, nothing. I'd be willing to sell them for less than the $600 I paid for them, and could even put together a set of decent chrome 6 lug wheels for a Land Cruiser or Chevy.

Let me know, they're essentially brand new, I have all 4.


In Pensacola, FL. 32504
trade ya some 31105015 pro comp a/t 95% tread and 15x8 ARE wheels ride smooth great daily driver tires and not to bad in the mud for a a/t
Sorry man, can't help you out with all 4 as I just got new swampers, I understand about not seperating them though. (what do you want thornbirds for, Radial TSL's is where its at. :D)
What size rims are these for, dia. and width?
I like them. I like the look of the Thornbird better. As much as I work, and where I live, I honestly do not need the best "tire" for going off-road. For now, I'm an esthetic follower. I'm going for my favorite look I guess. Seriously, I just told a friend of mine he could make me payments and put them on his jeep. I just want to get a different set.

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