For Sale 33x12.5x15 in N CA

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Sep 20, 2008
Chico, CA
United States
I just got 4 tires in and they are to big for the current rig/set up.

1 Baja Claw, good shape, site shows new depth is 21/32 and this one is approx 15-16/32 -$125


1 BFG MT guy had it and said it had about 30 race miles on it. Its a little chewed but I see nothing structual wrong. $125

2 Brand new BFG MT's one still has nobbies one was used for about an hour or so to get the truck moved around then dismounted. $300 for the pair

I'd love to see these all together to a good home for $500. I'll try and get pics after work tomorrow in daylight.

I'm in the Chico area and will be in Sacramento Tuesday night the 4th and possibly the weekend of the 7-8 as well. I'm willing to travel a little after work for the cost of the gas..
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bump, finally got pics in there.

Also.. interested in trade for some 32 X 11.5 ATs
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bump, guess maybe asking to much?
Mts for the new pair $200 and $50 for the others?
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pm sent
i'll take all 3 BFGs if you ever make it down to stockton. i might be in gridley in a couple of weeks and could meet you there as well.......
Ok sounds good, I have a couple PMs I just returned so If that doesnt work out we can work on a deal, I need some A/C parts for my 62. and I'm looking for some new tires as well, these are just to wide.

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