33x12.50 15 on stock 60 rims?

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Apr 9, 2008
The Valley of The Sun, AZ
I know a 10.50 wide tire would be best suited for a stock 60 rim. But I am on a super budget lately and in the market for some used tires. I have already looked for months for some used 33x10.50 15's and have not had any luck. 12.50's are EVERYWHERE and can't afford aftermarket wheels right now. I have heard you guys runnin 12.50's on stockers but was not highly recommended. Opinions and pictures are welcome. I am torn but also want to go with a size that is more common. Please help!:confused::confused::confused:
Yes they'll fit, but probably not a good idea if they are going to see much road use. The wear pattern will be off for sure, not sure if they will be unsafe as a result.
Its my daily driver right now but only about 14 miles round trip 5 days a week. Dont drive it much on the weekends right now.
I dont have a problem,but tire pressure is 48-50 # may not be the ride you want.Mike
Front Range 4x4, I thought you had the 35 muds rollin??
I had to go back to 33's due to clearance issues, man did they rub. I'm planning on addressing that with some trimming and getting back to 35's this season.
I forget, do you have a shackle reversal??? I would like to be SUA with 35's! Eventually.
I will Wednesday night, just got dirtgypsy's cutoff as he goes SOA.

The next mod will be wheel well trimming. ;)
FWIW, I could not find a tire shop in my area that would put 33-1250's on the stock rims. Too wide, they said, and they would not put themselves out there in liability land.
Crazy! I've used a number of tire shops w/o anyone having any issue. I ran 33x12.5 on stock wheels for years on the road and on the rocks and never had any problem in any way. They wear fine, ride fine, etc - hell, I wish my BFG A/T's would wear out so I could buy 35's.
mounted a 33x13.5 Swamper on a stocker 2 days ago for a spare, tire shop had no prob (go to a small one) looks fine.
I use a little local shop down the street that will do it. Discount tire would probably not. They would rather sell me 10.50's with a road hazard warranty for 1000 duckets.:crybaby::crybaby: I feel like im being too cheap but oh well.
13.50?? holy crap!

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