33x12.5 -16 super swamper boggers

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Nov 27, 2008
Northern California
United States
a set of 4 33x12.5-16" swamper boggers good tread about 3/4 left..got about 1000 miles on them
$500- SOLD !!!!!!!!
or would trade for a hardtop for my 71 fj40 in good condition
or a nice pair of doors or fenders or open for trades
I'll post more pics if anyone wants them

TIRES SOLD !!!!!!!!!
IMG_0965 (2).JPG
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Interested. I assume you're located in California? Wheels included?

Can you PM me the date code as well?

I'm putting dibs in on these.

I have access to non-USA parts if that's preferred.
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a couple more pics

here's a picture of all 4
the code after the dot..
an a picture of the side tread,
I was running them on 3/4 ton chevy just for fun
an no sorry the M/T 8 lugs arent for sale unless????
its a good offer. I bought those last year an havent washed them since, the steel caps are getting surface rust...
I dont know make me offer on both an we'll see..
I am in Northern California, 95501. Eureka
I've got a set of 16" rims so I should be good there. The 8 lug rims wouldn't help me anyways (I hadn't noticed they were 8 lug until you pointed it out) seeing as how I only drive 'Cruisers.

Can you measure the tread depth on the most worn tire? Local pickup OK in late July or early August?
Bummer, I could have used those in Guatemala.

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