33x12.5 15r BFG Baja TA's and BLACK rockcrawler rims $500 in dallas TX

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Jun 24, 2003
United States
BFG Baja TA's and BLACK rockcrawler rims $500 in dallas TX

I can send pics. These tires are HARD. I want a more street friendly tire. When I drive down the street these make that LOW Buzzing Humming sound. These are on my FJ40 right now. My NEW Bling Bling Wheels and tires come in Next Week. (White OEM Stock Toyota Wagon Wheels)with new 31x10.5 MT's

Let me know if any on the list is interested. I can send pics.

Zach V

214 598 9525

Lewisville Tx.

Here is he write up on them. They are $398.99 a piece at 4wheel parts and mine come already mounted with LIKE NEW BLACK ROCK CRAWLER RIMS.

TIRES $398.99x4 = $1595.96
15" rock crawler rims $45x4=$180.00

If you bought these they would cost you over $1700.00

YES THESE ARE THE REAL DEAL ... Off Road Agressive RACE TIRES used by BF Goodrich in the SCORE racing series. Like BAJA 1000 races etc.


THE ULTIMATE HIGH PERFORMANCE OFF-ROAD TIRE. Baja T/A is the first light truck ultra-high-performance tire for the serious off-road enthusiast. Designed for durability, Baja T/A has TriGuard Plus construction with four sidewall plies. Extremely aggressive tread pattern means greater performance. That's why pros are choosing Baja T/A to dominate the SCORE off-road racing series.
Let me know if you decide to sell the wheels separately and you can ship to Montana.
are you sure those are 12.50 ??? they look like 10.50 ?? trade for some 31 a/t on 15x8 alum wheels ??
100% 12.50! I can send pics of the size on the black wall if you want.

Don't really need 31x10.5's I just bought 5 new ones.

zach v
I can drive em down to Austin on my way to San Antonio.

I will be going this weekend.
Let me know.
zach v
bah, i can scrounge up another 200 maybe, all I have is $300 to spend right now :'(

I'll post here on Thurs. if they're still available and whether or not I have the cash.

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