33x10.5x15 BFG AT's

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Oct 16, 2005
BFG has discontinued the 33x10.5x15 AT's. They are not going to make any more. So I went with MT's. How many miles can I expect to get out of these tires? I got 55,000 miles out of my AT's. I hope I can get the same from the MT's.
Really????!!! I just got a set for the 60 last September... :confused:

Can you pass along a little more information about this? The BFG website shows both 33x10.5 ATs and MTs.
Last week I started shopping around for BFG 33x10.5x15 AT's. I called a few places around Phoenix and got prices on 5 of them. All of the shops told me I had to wait a week for them to special order them in. I expected that. I stopped by 4wheel parts/wholesale in Mesa and checked them out too. I was told by one of the guys there that BFG discontinued them. He was a moron, and since I don't drive a Dodge, Chevy, Ford or Jeep he was no help. Then came Discount/American Tire Co. The manager said he could get them in a week or so. I told them that 4wheel Parts said that they are no longer made. I watched him dial BFG/Michelin and querry the 33x10.5x15 AT's. He was told that they are no longer in production and what was out on the market is it. I did not want to buy them and find out a year or two later that I could not get one. So I opted for the MT's, which are still in production and not slated to be discontinued. 33x9.5x15 AT's and MT's are still being made but I don't like how narrow they are.
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Yep - they are discod. Been calling around all day. Next question is 33x10.50 MTs or 33x12.50 ATs.. should of got them last month! Anybody got some for sale on the East Coast?
If you jump on th ephone, you can probably find some in distributor inventory.

I understand why you didn't get them, if you get a ripped sidewall or flat, etc. when you go in for a replacement, they wont have one to replace it with.

To his original question, or rather, his only question, what kind of mileage is expected with the MTs vs the ATs. I know the ATs wear like steel, but how to the MTs fair?
I've got older MTs, 5 years old. But probably less than 15K on them. Mine are 33x9.5/15. Agreed that this is too narrow, lots of body sway unless you keep them at 38 +psi, I rotate at 3k or sooner. I am at a little less than 50%. Can see how they would wear really quickly if not rotated often (cross) and used for 80% road use. I drive long ways to get to fire roads and trails. Will switch to BFG At If I ever wear these out...at less than 2 k miles per year that will be a while...

would not have the MTs for daily driving, would kill me watching them grind down.

I'd even go to another brand other than BFG to get a AT in the size I wanted..would still buy a "traction" rated AT..I live in snow country..course I don't drive my rig to the ski hill..some fool might run into me!!!

Just my warped thought train..

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