...33x10.50s on stock 40?

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31" tires.
yes...... 33,s
Picture 152.jpg
hmmmm so 2 nos and a yes....and the yes has pics.....Bad A 40 BTW so how bad do they scrub when you flex?
Yes... they will "bolt" on,

No... they will not "fit" on a stock suspension. These are on my factory springs and shackles. There is no way I would say they fit. If I flexed even a little bit, it would tear my rear fenders up.

I have all the pieces together for a 4" lift, just had to do a clutch first.


another yes they will fit, and another yes they rub in the back with flex,
33, 12.5 with offset rims for mine, bought it with them on.
Next rubber I want 33, 10 (or something) and I have a set of 2 inch lift old man emu's to put on.
Hidden behind the flare, I have a little bit more room than Copenhagen1 seems to have, but not much more.

Depends how you interpret "fit".

They can be made fit.. These are 33x10.5.. Measure slightly less than 33.. I have redrilled spring perches 40mm rearward and opened up the wheel arch by the same.. The arch is stock height.. The wheels tucked under on articulation but a dip in the road at speed will cause the tyre to contact the guard.. The guard has since been raised to a point above where the PO had hammered the guards in attempt to make 33x12.5 fit, and another 40mm rear.. As can be seen the tyre doesnt fit inside the well properly and sprays mud all up the side.. Flares are recommended. The tyres are mounted on 15x7 rims with normal offset.
x2 on the flares.
Install a 2.5 lift if you plan on going offroad...

here's a pic of mine when I ran 33x10.5

YES it will FIT BUT will also rub slightly on rear flare even with
extended shackels (4-5 inches) on stock springs during offroading
at max flex. This is on 33"x10.5x15 MT117-X'treme.


Will they Fit with out a lift? If not how big can I go on stock springs?
Aight....looks like I will lift it first. And just run my 31s til they die and then do the lift and tires then.....Gah if a lift wasnt so expensive for these stupid things.

I know you said 33x10.50s, but here are 33x12.50s with 2.5" lift springs and 3" over stock shackles in the rear. (Meaning 1.5" at the axle, plus 2.5" lift spring, equals 4" at the rear. The front did not need a longer shackle because it sits higher due to a lighter engine than stock.) Anyway, the rear wheel wells aren't cut. they're just barely adequate for off roading, and for serious articulation, like for rock crawling, the clearance is inadequate. It's also inadequate for chains. The chains clear - until you hit a rut. I may wind up going to 4" lift springs.
x2 on the flares.
Install a 2.5 lift if you plan on going offroad...

here's a pic of mine when I ran 33x10.5


Cruiser Porn!.....very nice looking rig, man! :clap:
What about an stock FJ45 with some 285/75r16 on 16x8 wheels?

It looks like the FJ45 has more clearance than the FJ40 with stock suspensión. The rear had some heavy weight at the time I took the pictures and the tire is 7.5x16 I believe.


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