33"s on stock FJ62?

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May 19, 2003
:dunno:Is it reasonable to put 33's on my cruiser with stock suspension? With the future intention of a lift of coarse. If so, do I have to change my gearing? I think I have 4:11. I have 31's now but after trail riding for the 1st time this weekend I want some bigger tires and some better clearance. So will 33's work or to much for stock set-up. Thanks
Not sure how 33's will fit without lift.
I have 2.5 inch belton lift and they fit easily.
As for 33's and 411's I guess it depends on what kind of offroading you are doing.
I have 33's and stock gears and found it wasn't to bad but sometimes to get through stuff you would have to apply more throttle and end up going a little too fast. I just put in 5 spd in my 81BJ60 and since the 1st gear is quite a bit lower than 4 speed I don't think I'll ever have to get 411's. Again it depends on how serious an offroader you are.
Hope this helps!
IMHO it's a little much. You can get them in there but they will stuff really quick. Assuming your 62 is still on the original springs they are probably a little tired. As for your gearing goes it's a slug. If you don't do anything to compensate for the larger tires then you will feel it. It's not a necessity but in the 3fe everything helps.

Don't become obsessed with clearance. It's better to do your lift first then get the appropriate tires. Besides it's probably better to learn what your truck can do in stock form then make the appropriate changes where you think it needs to be.

I know a lot of people (including me) that would have built their rigs completely different had they taken their time and just put a little more thought in it.
I installed a 4" on my 40 and am still running 30% left 31." It doesn't look that bad, and that way when I put the 33"s on it won't rub and I can take it out and flex it all I want. AND, with 31's I can really flex out the springs to begin with just to break them in a little.
Thanks for the replies. The reason why Im asking about the tires is because I went to the GSMTR this weekend and barely made it through some of the "moderate" difficult trails with my stock 62 with 31"s and was very impressed with my truck but clearance was a BIG issue and Im now trying to decide if I should go with a lift first considering my tires are brand new. Someone suggested that I try and sell them and get 33"s, but of coarse the bigger tire on stock springs is an issue as well as it affecting the performance of the truck. Anyway, I got some rocker panel damage and smashed my tailpipe shut. This was the first time and went offroad and I have the fever now to make my truck more capable, maybe the lift should be first, afterall my tires were great on the trail. I guess the 31"s wouldnt look to shaby with a 2.5 or 3" lift? :beer: Thanks to Bryan and his dad for guiding me threw the tough spots, no way would I have made it without!!
You can do a 2" body lift now, and then add springs and tires as funds become available. I got a uhmwp lift from Roger Brown for ~150...You can run 33's no problem with this, and retain the nice flex the tired factory springs have...
I'm currently running a 2.5" lift (I'm sure it has sagged a bit) and have 33 x 12.5 MT's that I recently put on. On some of the more difficult obstacles I went on this past weekend, I got quite a bit of rubbing in the fender. Even to the point that it would stop my forward progress.

I've got one of Roger Browns kit's on the shelf that need's to get put in. I know what I'm doing tomorrow :D
tell me more about this body lift... how hard is it to install?
I went with 2.5” shackles in front & 2” in the rear and re-arched the stock spring 3” and put 33’s on. I like it.

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Yes, got with the 4" back space!
With 33s on a stock 62, you better hang out near sea level, as you won't like it much at higher elevations. I would stick with 31s
Also remember that there's two flavors of 33s. 12.5 fatties & 10.5 skinnies. The thinner 10.5s can fit the stock suspension. The 12.5s will rub on compressed hard turns with stock springs.
My apologies in advance because I'm going to step on a few toes with this post.

To the OP:

A tall body lift is a last resort tool to fit 37"+ tires and does nothing to improve suspension articulation. It causes all sorts of unintended problems; brake, fuel and coolant lines, steering shaft, radiator shroud, shift linkage, air intake, throttle and kick down cables, etc. Plus it would look ridiculous on an otherwise unlifted vehicle.

A tall shackle lift will cause dangerous handling problems and is another Bubba option. Look up camber angle and 'death wobble'. Plus a 2" longer shackle will only gain 1" of lift.

An Add a Leaf lift might work well for you as an interim plan but it doesn't articulate well and will likely cause a rough ride. OME sells individual leafs.

Your 31" tires are a very nice fit with the stock suspension. If you want 33's you'll need a 2" to 4" lift. To get that it needs to be a comprehensive design of springs, shocks, shackles, U-bolts, sway bar extensions, brake lines, and possibly gearing. If you know you will want more than 33" in the future I suggest you read up on spring over axle (SOA) options. If you expect to be content with 33's then an off the shelf Old Man Emu or Iron Man lift would be a very smart move. Got to Cruiser Outfitters or to Trail Tailor to learn about those two complete systems.

Stock wheel backspacing is 3 3/8". Greater that 3 1/2" on a 15" rim will probably require wheel spacers. Look up 'tire scrub' to learn the downside of changing from the stock dimensions. Remember that a wheel might appear to fit with the steering straight ahead but the right end of the relay rod will hit the rim when turning sharply with the suspension articulated.

Every change from Toyota's design will cause a compromise somewhere. A gain in off road performance will always degrade road handling. Think about how you expect to use your Cruiser long term and carefully build to that purpose. There are few easy, simple upgrades (except for installing a dog).
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