33" in spare tire well?

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Mar 23, 2015
north Mississippi
Will a 33" tire fit up under the rear end in the spare tire well? I would like to upgrade my tires and have a spare the same size. Thanks.
Yes. No modification necessary. It will rub against the trailer hitch if you have one. But not a big deal.
Fits great in my LX450 with a stock alloy wheel. No rubbing.
Thanks guys! :beer:
@namsag - IIRC search deep for the “spare carrier lift mod” (or some variation on that) .

- when you move to 33’s the tire tries to hang lower/ wider (esp if 305/70r16 is still common) - so there was a way to modify the hardware/attachment of the carrier arm to tuck it back up better, still functions as before 100%.

HTH, it was like ~2003 when I still had 33’s. Any larger & you end up with a swingout or whatever other way to carry, any bigger it simply doesn’t fit between the framerail/carrier bracket.
Wow, that was from a long time ago!! It's still too early on the East Coast.....
The unit from Wits End is the Bees' Knees. It gets the lower edge of the front end of your spare tire up behind the diff, which is critical for wheeling. But, yes, a 33 is the largest tire you can get up in the spare well even with that (reasonably priced and essential) mod.
FWIW, I have a 35x10.5x16 spare and it fits without touching the panhard, but not with a hitch of any sort.
Interco SSR. Crazy expensive tire and not really suitable for DD duties IMO, but I was looking for the skinniest spare I could find.
I can confirm that the Toyo Open Country A/T 295/75/R16 fits in teh spare tire location - the tire is 33.4" x 11.6". Snug, but its in. Can't even see it in this photo.


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