315 MTR (worn to 33s) on unlifted LX?

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Aug 3, 2008
Logan, UT
Some upcoming cabin (actually a yurt) construction requires better hill climbing traction. I have a set of MTRs at 50% tread (meas 33"). I am wondering what rear rub I am apt to get on factory rims if 1) rig is not lifted, 2) the rear is flexing and 3) there is some weight on the suspension (eg, sacks of concrete).

The long term plan is to lift ala FOR, but the need to get construction going and the serious slope of the hill means I need traction sooner than that.

Thank for any input.

You'll rub the inner edges of the fender flares, the rear mud flaps, and the inside of the fender well when flexed. Might not hurt anything, might rip your mudflaps and flares clean off...

Are you locked? If your just talking about a steep dirt hill, I think you'd be find with whatever tires you've got on it.
Steep dirt up a sagebrush hill (will not have to clearance issues though). Should be bone dry before long. A few small ditches to cross.

It is locked x3. I have the Michelin LTX on it now. I may also be pulling an M101 trailer w/ lumber, etc (approx 2200lb).

It looks like the clearance will only be on the upper portion of the flair/fender, not the flaps (based upon quick glance). I'll go stuff it on a hill as is and see what the extra 1.25" radius and .75" width.
The 315 MTR's only measure 34" new, so pretty much good to go. My guess is they will only rub at the rear tire inner sidewall to wheel well/frame. With a big load and flex it maybe enough to slow progress, easily solved with bump stop extensions, if needed.

I always recommend removing the mud flaps for any off road travel, they are a big cause of flare damage.
Yea, these measure 33" as currently worn down. When stuffing it on a hill this morning the ft to rr clearance looked fairly good (w/ LTX) but I can see how peak of the wheel well/flair could rub.
This is the typical rub spot for 315's. This rig has 2" bump stop extensions.
FWIW, fitting the tires on this morning. So this is NO lift, LX, stock rims, no spacers, 315 MTRs w/ 1/4" tread depth on those mounted in rear, 3/8-1/2" for those in ft. ARB in ft is only extra weight I had on it.

I stuffed it using a mound of gravel until it was starting to spin a wheel. Zero rub up front. Rear at max stuff just began to touch that pointy protrusion on the LX's upper mud flap. Fender/flare maintained a full finger worth of clearance (5/8" or so).

I plan to trim that small aforementioned point by 3/8" on the mud flap.

So for anyone contemplating this such is what I found with pseudo wheeling articulation test. More as I tear things off...:grinpimp:
...remeasured tires' diameters once mounted. They are 33.5 and 33.75 diam.

Again, no rubbing. I trimmed off about 3/8-1/2" of the mud flap protrusion.

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