31" or 33" Tires on 1977 FJ40

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Dec 17, 2014
I just bought a 1977 FJ40 and am needing new tires. I have the stock 15" rims on her now with some pretty dry rotted 28.9 inch tires. I am looking to go up in size, but can't decide if I want 31's or 33's. I think if I go with 33's I will need a lift which I don't really want to do. I am going to use the truck for a daily driver, but I want the look of the tires to go with the truck's offroad feel. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks.
It seems like the going opinion here is that BFG KM2's are good on/off road tires. I've also read that 33's will rub at stock height. My truck has 31's and I have no issues at stock height. My rear fenders were also trimmed by the PO. My understanding is that 33's will FIT, but if you turn sharply, go over too steep a speed bump, or your suspension is sagging, you'll get contact with your fender wells.

Here are 31's/stock height for reference:

FJ40 Glamor Shot Large.JPG
31/10.5/15 with extended shackles, somewhat saggy stock springs. Fits in my garage, gets me where I want to go and back. My truck is a '75 with 2F.
I've got 33s on mine. When it's time to replace, I'm going with 31s.
I just put a set of ATs on my 77. I went with the tread wear numbers, but I wish now I had waited to get the MTs in stock--

New BFGs2.jpg
I just put a set of ATs on my 77. I went with the tread wear numbers, but I wish now I had waited to get the MTs in stock--
Dunno, Man, I'll bet yours are quieter than mine at 40-45mph.
I am at stock height, and already had dry rotted bfg mudders. I looked and looked and went with Super Swamper radials. At 4 wheel parts, they were under $125 a piece, and have heard nothing but good about them.


31 10.5r15 on stock wheels. This is a 72. The jeep forums guys were claiming 40,000 mi out of these. The are the IROC ND's.
Ha ha - white letters on the outside - Rebel!!
I have 33/9.5 on stock susp 76 don't rub. All 33/12.50 on others fine only if rear fenders cut. 31/10.50s been fine uncut with no rub.
Me likes it too
someone stole your winch....:eek:
Ya, PO is a horse thief - made off with the winch, aisan carb, original roll bar (since replaced!) and rims!:mad: A horse thief, I tells ya!

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