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Mar 23, 2007
I like the Ausie-African look.Considering some small skinny's with a 2in lift.Anyone have pics of this combo?Thanks
33x9.5 BFG MT OME med/heavy lift,

33x9.5 bfg mt stock rims OME med/heavy lift. Photo on right, same tires pre-lift.
30 inch tires would look small on this lift...
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Here is my 83 FJ60 with Cooper Courser Tractoin LT's...about 30" tall by 6.5 to 7" wide. I have a 2-2.5" Rancho lift. I like the safari look as well.
I think if you really want a safari look, check out the 70 series rigs in the March/April Trails.

16" grey steel wheels with 7.50r16 tire or so maybe a little larger. Get rid of all the chrome, too.
How have the coursers held up?


How have the coursers held up? I think those are great looking tires. Saw them a couple of years ago and have not been able to stop thinking about them.

Have you been off road in them? How are the street manners? Are they wearing well? Arent they bias - do you get the "flat spot" after they sit for a while?

Appreciate any feedback.
I don't think you want 30's on a lifted truck and not even a stock truck- way too small.

Try some 7.5r16's (32"), 8.25r16's (33-34"), or 235/85/16's (32"). the 235's are the metric equivalent to the 7.5r16's that are found all over africa and australia, only the 235's are a little bit wider at about 9-9.5 inches.
32.2 x 16

I agree, especially with my 4.10 diff.

However, I think cooper/mastercraft makes that tire in a 7.5/16 (32x16).

Might fill the wheelwells a bit more help with the highway gearing.
I don't think you want 30's on a lifted truck and not even a stock truck- way too small.

I agree that the 30's would look somewhat puny on a lifted 60 series. CCOT believes that they're the perfect look for the stock suspension, however, so that's what they use on their restorations. With a 2" lift, I'd go with a 31 or 32 skinny.
Heres a pic of 30x9.5 on a mlidly lifted 60...Definitely more streetable than my 32x11.5 (on black spokes) I run in the winter. I like the look..Speedo correction is about 3% at speed.
Picture 004b.JPG
Picture 003b.JPG

That looks great!

Doesn't have to look like a monster truck to look good.

Guess I'm just a "skinny" kind of guy.

And I'm sure the wagon appreciates it too.:steer:

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