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Discussion in '40- & 55-Series Tech' started by BigRed87, Aug 16, 2003.

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    How much of a pain would it be to put in a sbc with TPI into my 60 and actually get it running the way it should? What all would I need for this conversion? (guages, wiring, and the such)
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    That's a huge question. The amount of pain is directly related to your mechanical ability. There's a lot involved. Check the tech section for write ups and you'll see there is not an easy answer.
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    Besides the standard V8 Conversion parts, I would suggest the following:

    Start with a 305 TPI, they are cheeper and more readaly avalible. Down the road you can move up to a 350 block or as I did a 383. All the TPI parts move right over and all you need is a 350 Knock sysn. And a new MEM CAL. (Chip)

    Wiring: Make it easy on yourself and go with a Painless kit. I did mine in two days with the kit.

    Fuel delivery: Take the time to rig up an in-tank pump. I along with several others at the BHCC had external fuel pump problems due to extreme heat. (100+) I never thought it would be an issue living in Oregon, but then I don’t always say inside the boarders. ;)

    Aside from this the rest is your basic V8 Job in a 60. Do your home work, Jag’s That Run (JTR) puts out a great book on TPI swapping that will help a lot.

    TIP: When you get your donor motor get the whole thing from the same car. You want the motor, harness, CPU, relays (you need these), ing. Modules and so on. You don’t want to waste time tracking down parts that will work with your set up. I would suggest looking at a 1988-89. These give you the serpentine belt and still have the MAS syns.

    Good luck!

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