300 Suspension: Adaptive Variable Suspension VS E-KDSS (2 Viewers)

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Nov 27, 2007
The top range 300 series 3.5 TT can be purchased with AVS, while the off-road oriented GR version with E-KDSS.

How are these different in road handling? Does AVS have less (or more) body roll than E-KDSS while turning at normal speeds?

Both the top range and GR-sport come with AVS.

"The vehicle uses a new Linear Solenoid Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) system, which controls shock absorbers' damping force independently for each wheel in response to road conditions and driver operation, for improved steering stability and ride comfort. (Equipped as standard on the ZX (or VXR depending on market) and GR Sport grades)"
"One of the calling cards of the GR Sport is its electronic Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (that’s e-KDSS to you and me), which can independently lock and unlock the front and rear stabiliser bars. In conjunction with the car’s adaptive dampers, the system is designed to deliver a combination of mogul-crushing wheel articulation and more car-like on-road dynamics.

There is a definite difference between the drive modes, although that’s down to the adaptive dampers. In Comfort the car feels like a bit of a barge, floating along and letting the body make one, two, three movements over highway crests and dips. Flicking through Normal, Sport, and Sport Plus gradually tightens up the body control.

Although the new LC300 feels less boat-like than the LC200, with better ride compliance and better body control, the e-KDSS feels quite subtle in its operation compared to the active anti-roll bars you can now get in Volkswagen Group products.

Check out our video for a representation of the difference, but our team noted the LandCruiser VX without adaptive dampers but no e-KDSS rolled less than the more expensive and (supposedly) more sophisticated GR Sport in the corners."

Source: 2022 Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series GR Sport review - https://www.carexpert.com.au/car-reviews/2022-toyota-landcruiser-300-series-gr-sport-review
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