300 Series Land Cruiser wish list *Toyota Please Read*


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Mar 10, 2015
Centennial, CO
There are a lot of 300 Series LC threads, but I didn't see any where the 200 series enthusiasts have compiled a list of what we would like to see on the next generation of the Land Cruiser.

I'm happy to periodically update this first post with our numerical list of requests for Toyota. I will plan on adding items to the list if the post has 5 or more likes. Fair? I do believe Toyota pays at least some attention to the US market and this forum in particular. It doesn't hurt to ask.

My only request is that you own or have owned a 200, and preferably have used it for actual off-roading prior to posting in this thread.

The first 4 are my thoughts, the rest are from the posts:
  1. Longer range fuel tank. It would be nice to average at least 400 miles on a full tank.
  2. At least a rear locker, but preferably front and rear lockers. Crawl is great, but sometimes you need lockers (sand, snow, mud) with all 4 wheels able to spin at once without ABS interference.
  3. A slightly more "wash and wear" interior. The headliner in particular, should be a material that doesn't show dirt or stain easily.
  4. High-resolution 360 degree cameras that actually help the driver make adjustments to their line when off-road.
  5. Easily removable 3rd-row seats (no tools required).
  6. Integrated trailer brake controller.
  7. Major cupholder improvement (front of the vehicle)
  8. More powerful outlet at the back of the truck and the addition of USB ports at the back of the truck.
  9. Captain chairs in second row.
  10. TRD Pro version
  11. Apple CarPlay.
  12. BOF continuation
  13. More powerful efficient V8
  14. Bold/aggressive design. Boxy lines. Take design cues from previous LC’s.
  15. improved departure and approach angles with stock bumpers
  16. Design easy replacement bumpers so no cutting required when installing aftermarket. Similar to Tundra.
  17. More color options. Army green, cement, quicksand.
  18. AC front seats. Not ventilated.
  19. Real wood accents
  20. More leather colors similar to Lexus
  21. Warranty service accepted at Lexus dealership if LC. Ok long shot!
  22. Blueray/dvd/cd head unit
  23. Streaming options to rear entertainment screens. Netflix/Hulu.
  24. No p-rated tires. Light trail rated tire.

editing this as we go
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Jan 17, 2016
Chicago, IL, USA
You might see #4 from Toyota, since the whole birds-eye camera view is now a thing. I doubt you'll see the top 2... Given how well CRAWL works for most situations (granted not all) Toyota will most likely not go back to OEM rear lockers. I suspect the current fuel tank is based mainly on available size underneath the vehicle - largest they could reasonably fit and still keep it tucked under the frame and protected, though keep in mind the larger the tank the more weight which has an impact on EPA mileage specs.

That said I'm with @TonyP on trim levels. In fact, less features and gizmos all around. Put all the electronic stuff on the LX and reduce it on the LC. Doubt it'll happen though - I can't see Toyota stripping the LC down far enough to make it reasonably affordable, and how many people are going to spend $70k on a stripped down LC?

My wishlist is easy. Apple Carplay and/or Android Auto.
Oct 27, 2016
  1. Long range fuel tank, agree with the 400mile avg
  2. Wash and wear interior, agree with headliner in particular
  3. Cameras, especially reverse, need higher resolution
  4. White reverse light built into the wing on top the rear window so I can actually see where I'm reversing at night out in the country. I shouldn't require city lighting to be able to see where I'm reversing in the camera. My wife's Lexus RX350 can see just fine through her camera in reverse in locations where I can't see at all, it's just black.
  5. Full-length OEM roof rack able to be purchased/installed at dealer
  6. OEM sliders able to be purchased/installed at dealer
  7. TRD Off-road suspension package with a 2-inch lift
  8. Optional (or available for purchase) color-keyed grille and molding (also Nightshade package)
  9. Get rid of the required front license plate mount, looks tacky/cheap.
  10. There should be no extruding parts into the backseat area past the back end of the front seat. Any video screens should be in the seat. Any mounts for tablets should be in the seat, not extruding.
  11. Give the third-row a pop-in, pop-out functionality that does not require a single tool and does not leave a gaping hole needing to be covered. Some days I want a third row, some days I want the extra storage space. Make it so I can accomplish that without a single tool.
  12. AC plugs in second and third row.
  13. USB plugs in second and third row.
  14. Like Airstream, offer an unlimited WIFI package for a reasonable price
  15. Streaming functionality like Roku (stream, mirror from phone, etc.) to any rear screens that may be available. Do not use a third party service for this that can be removed like you removed Pandora. It should just be basic functionality. This of course would go hand in hand with the previously mentioned WIFI network.
  16. Move the trailer harness plug into the hitch area.
Edit to add from others later posts:
  1. Overhead lighting inside upper rear door to light area when door opened
  2. Button/switch to open rear door from inside
  3. Integrated trailer brake controller
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Sep 19, 2008
Central Texas
Overall I'm really happy with the 200 so my stuff (agree completely on range/trim levels/less delicate interior) will seem nitpicky.

-Overhead lighting in the upper tailgate.
-More UV resistant headlamp assemblies. (this is one of the rare $80k+ vehicles that many buyers intend to keep for a decade or more.. the headlamps shouldn't look like trash after five years)
-More front seat adjustment, particularly downward.
-More steering column reach.
-Built-in rear hatch button/switch for opening


Jun 1, 2018
Cincinnati, OH
  1. Long range fuel tank, agree with the 400mile avg
  2. Full-length OEM roof rack able to be purchased/installed at dealer
  3. OEM sliders able to be purchased/installed at dealer
  4. TRD Off-road suspension package with a 2-inch lift
  5. Optional (or available for purchase) color-keyed grille and molding (also Nightshade package)
  6. Get rid of the required front license plate mount, looks tacky/cheap.
  7. AC plugs in second and third row.
  8. USB plugs in second and third row.
  9. Move the trailer harness plug into the hitch area!!!!
  10. More Powah!!!!!
  11. Auto open/close for rear hatch or at least soft close via struts.
  12. More TRD performance parts availability.
  13. Better climate control system. Mine makes no sense.
  14. Coolbox that holds a 12 pack.... 6 is too small. :)
Stole your list and edited it a bit....
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Sep 11, 2006
Auburn, AL
Short List, all been said already but just to emphasize
  1. Fuel tank or economy increase to get 400 miles (would even take 350)
  2. Tool free removable 3rd row like the 100 series. I like how the 200 series rear seats lock into position when upright but hate that they can't come out easily.
  3. Integrated trailer brake control (seriously every cheap Silverado I've rented/borrowed from the last 10 years has this, I don't know why all vehicles with a 7 pin don't have it)


Mar 20, 2006
El Dorado Hills, CA
I would like to see:

  1. Range of 375-400 highway
  2. Mpg 16/21
  3. Better storage up front
  4. Separate heating and ac controls so you could choose double DIN of choice
  5. Best headlights
  6. No more dingy yellow Incadecent lights (interior, drl, fog, etc)
  7. Maybe lose 700lbs via aluminum body
  8. Easier to clean interior
Really, the performance of the 200 is perfect, it’s just lacking a bit in efficiency, and a bit too hard to keep clean while on adventure.

Storage in the front seats and being wedded to the stereo my are only aggravations.
Nov 4, 2007
Denver, CO
How has no one said FUNCTIONAL cupholders yet?! :D Seriously this is one of my biggest grips about the truck. It's made for long trips and off road driving, yet the front seat cupholders are some of the worst I've seen in any modern vehicle. They're narrow, shallow and absolutely suck for wheeling!

Most of my gripes are already covered above, so I won't repeat them here with the exception of the rear locker. If you can get it on a Tacoma and a 4Runner, it should be optional on the Land Cruiser. CRAWL is "great" for most, but there isn't any substitute for a fully locked rear end for a lot of wheeling situations.


Jul 18, 2010
Hampton Roads VA
• Hidden winch option
• Larger fuel tank (and/or optional auxiliary tank)
• Available off-road/lifted suspension
• Available off-road wheels
• Available big brake kit
• Available integrates auxiliary switch panel
• Heavy duty roof rack option
• Heavy duty slider option
• Spoiler delete option
• Blackout and/body color options (grill, headlights, molding, tailgate, badges)
• Cupholders worthy of a flagship vehicle
• Functional rear fogs (at least optional)
• Apple CarPlay and 21st century flexibility with multimedia
• Increased interior storage (possibly under seats, doors, rear quarters)
• Pop-Out rear windows
• Increased power outlets
• All LED lighting
• Improved tailgate/cargo lighting
• At least a base model (no sunroof, no leather, etc)
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Oct 17, 2016
  1. Increase fuel economy to at least 17/22. In a wishful world, 30mpg would be awesome!
  2. Deeper size cup holders.
  3. USB ports up front and in the rear
  4. Modify the radiator design so there is no "bump rectangle" to avoid failure

Otherwise, the 200 is a great vehicle, probably the best I've ever owned. Fuel economy is really my only gripe...
Sep 27, 2011
Rear tailgate storage, factory fire extinguisher mounted, 2" factory lift option, extended range , led fog lights, rear spoiler delete option, on board compressor factory option, more durable and washable seat material, finally fix that seat panel that wears out on every LC (the one closest to the door drivers side).


Nov 2, 2006
A lot of items on my wish list have already been covered. Separate stereo from HVAC (doubt this happens, but integrated Android Auto/Carplay would help a lot to keep the system from being antiquated on the date of release). Larger gas tank. Easy to remove 3rd row. More ground clearance. Factory locker.


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Apr 5, 2003
Southern NH
Most of the things on these lists can be easily fixed by the buyer. I would concentrate on things that aren't easy to add, or not possible. Like, the pop-out rear windows like the 100-series had. Geez I wish my truck had those. But if we ask for stuff like compressors, fire extinguishers, crap like that, it will be a poor implementation, because most people won't use them. Like the 120V inverter we have now. Tried to use mine the other day to keep a Crock Pot going... nope, won't go over 100W.

I don't get the "front plate mount" thing. Most (31) US states require a front plate. There's nothing they can do about that.
May 13, 2018
Honestly do you really want stuff like an oddball propriety air compressor? Nah, give me an ARB or something that is common between a bunch of vehicles and if I want one, I can add one. Same with the winch. Any of those options would be made to a price point so there would be trade offs, service parts would be scarce, etc. See the 115VAC receptacle in the back if you doubt that a fire extinguisher, compressor, roof rack, or any other offroading gee-gaw would be a compromise.

A few simple needs...
  • Pop-open rear windows
  • Interior hatch opening feature
  • 2nd row seats fold flat into floor OR fold closer up to front seats
  • 3rd row seats meant to be removed without a tool and with finished trim panels
  • 49" between interior rear wheel wells
  • AHC on Land Cruiser
Basically I just wish that the back was long enough to sleep in without a platform. 73" of flat floor would be perfect. I can get it kitty-corner but not straight across.


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Mar 10, 2015
Centennial, CO
Does anyone have an opinion on the full-time 4WD setup? A lot of manufacturers are rolling out a 4H-A setup that is 2WD unless the system detects the need for 4WD - ideal for highway drives where you have ice/snow patches and dry patches. The fuel economy and range would be helped without a full-time 4WD system that isn't necessary 90% of the time.
Mar 22, 2010
Portland, OR
If we only got 5, I think we could all agree on the following....

  1. 20 MPG (V6 TT since a diesel isn't happening)
  2. TRD Pro Suspension (already made for the Tundra so easy)
  3. Rear Locker (easy)
  4. Lose 500 pounds (aluminum frame?)
  5. Apple Car Play (100% guaranteed as it is appearing in other Toyota models)

Bonus - optional snorkel and optional 3rd row seat
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