30 Amp Fuse Pop

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Apr 19, 2017
Encinitas, CA
I had to share a little antidote of a perpetual problem.

I had a 30 AMP fuse pop. The one that handles the electric windows and door locks. I quickly switched it thinking it was just an anomaly. Well it popped again. This time knee I had a problem. My brain started dreaming up horrendous scenarios of a short in the hundreds of wires to and From thread switch and panel.

I was under the full burden of thought when it dawned on me. My old friend Kelly the mechanic taught me. "Check the easy stuff first".

A few weeks earlier I had noticed that my boys were unlocking the passenger back door manually after I had unlocked all the other doors with the key. I went back and checked the movement of the lock. Sure enough, the lock was not only sticking and not moving, it wouldn't unlock all the way. I was really hoping that this was my problem.

I jumped this seemingly easy task and removed the entire locking mechanism. I sprayed WD-40 on the lock and he can working all of the slides and springs. After a few minutes the whole thing was as smooth as butter. I easily reo talked it and replace the fuse.

It has been in for over 24 hours and has been utilized several times with no further fuse issues.

Awesome fix I had to share.

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