3 Vintage Power Wagons for sale

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I have a total of three Dodge Vintage Power Wagons that I wish to sell as I have too many projects and too little time for them all.

1st: Is a 1942 Dodge Military ¾ ton Carryall 4x4 vehicle. Asking $9300.00 or best offer. Almost completely rust free Montana vehicle with the only area of rust on the driver’s side just behind the door covering an area a little larger than a golf ball size. This truck has both halves of the tail gate which are very hard to come by. Currently the truck is runny very well, transmission moves through gears nicely and transfer case functions well. This truck has the stock drive train and engine and are thought to be the original parts for the truck. The brakes do need attention and currently hold no pressure—however the parking brake works extremely well. The windows will go up and down, although the rear windows are in need of lubrication. The truck was used by search and rescue for many years—thus the red color. The front seats are bucket seats from a newer vehicle and there is one original seat frame that comes with the truck. The truck has four military rims and tires and comes with an additional military rim spare. This truck also come with a MU-2 winch and correct bumper. The truck has a clear MT title.

2nd: Is a 1952 Dodge Civilian Power Wagon rust free body---including pickup box and tailgate---with no engine or transmission. Asking $6000.00 or best offer. This truck also come with the correct MU-2 winch and bumber in the front. Pickup bed and tailgate were brought over from Vietnam and are in amazing condition---including the rear fenders. The truck has a clear MT title.

3rd: Is a 1954 Dodge Civilian Power Wagon rust free body with flatbed running and driving---just been sitting a lot so has some oil seepage on seals and the fuel tank could be cleaned. Asking $4200.00 or Best Offer. This truck has larger wheels and rims than standard but also comes with a set of split rims correct for the truck. Previous owner had starded restoration on the truck and it is currently in primer. Truck still has original engine and drive train that are all in working order. The truck still is 6 volt.

Photos of the trucks can be seen at: Eco-Offroad's photosets on Flickr

If someone where interested in buying all three trucks from me I would make a package deal. All three trucks are located in Bend, OR. Please feel free to email me with questions (soncken@gmail.com) or call me at (541) -550-6300 Thanks Scott
Damn that '42 is cool. I wish I had 10k to drop on it! Is it a diesel, and if so what are the specs on it?
Unfortunately no diesels in these rigs---just the old 6 cylinder flat heads---although a Cummins 4BTA fits real nice.
That is a nice 42. I've always wondered who made those. I saw one in a junk yard in Farmington, UT. It was in terrible condition, but the body wasn't rusty IIRC. I think it was missing all of the lass too. I might be able to get you the guys contact info if you are ever in need of pare parts.

All are SOLD

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