3 speed transfer case to 4 speed trans

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May 25, 2011
Norco, CA
What do I need to change in the transfer case of a 3 speed transfer case to accept the 4 speed trans on a 1974 FJ40?
I see that you're a new to the forum and there is a lot of INFO here you will have to filter through post up more info about your truck we love pictures and what mods have been done already to your truck Using the search engine and your title 3 speed transfer case to 4 speed trans Search mode I got 172 hits on This forum Lot's of reading here and BTW...Welcome.


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Also check out Coolerman's write up !Oy: Coolermans 1971 FJ40 Build and Kurt @ Cruiser Outfitters's write-up. These were very helpful as I work through my conversion (in-progress). Between those and search on Mud, you're pretty much covered.

P.S. Plug for Cruiser Outfitters for the transition gear & bearing you'll need.

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