3 Speed, Transfer case and PTO for sale...

Apr 17, 2005
Tucson, AZ
I have the 3 Speed trans with the Transfer case and PTO attached that I'm going to be looking to trade... I could sell cash but I'd rather trade, I'm always open to offers though. You must buy all of these however if you only want me to ship one part to save on shipping I'm willing. I also have a gear going out the back of the FJ40 that you're welcome to with the above.

Here's a list of things I need...

Front Lockers
Gears (I have 4.11s)
SM420, Turbo 350/400 or adapters to go to the FJ40 Transfer case (I have a SBC bolted in)
Tires (at least 33s but looking for 35s)
Soft Top
Top Bottom