3 speed trans/transfer set up for sale $150

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Oct 24, 2007
Leucadia, California
It took forever but Noah and I finally got my 4 speed combo into my truck last weekend. Thanks again Noah! It was a tight fit with the cross member and my weirdo exhaust but it's in there. Just gotta button a bunch of random things back up, new drive lines and exhaust and I should be good to go.

Anyway, I am going to sell my 3 speed trans/transfer/bellhousing set up and thought I would post it up on here first to see if anyone is looking. Gonna put it up on Craigslist in a few days. Hoping to get $150 for the set up because it is in really good shape and is all there and together. The only thing that needs to be done before dropping it in is rebuilding the parking brake. Not sure about breaking up the package...I know the real interest is in the transfer case but I would like to try to sell the whole package first if possible. Let me know if you or anyone is looking.
Wish you would have had this up a few months ago - I just had mine completely gone over and overhauled by John and company at SD Trux a couple months ago. Anyone have a time machine I can borrow?
Crap, sorry Sean. Would have been a lot cheaper too.
If you're not careful I'm going to get Dom to come over and hook that thing up to your vortec when your asleep. I figure someone might at least be looking for the transfer case with the lower gearing. It's a complete package ready to drop in.
Sold. Thanks Ken, nice meeting you.

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