3-speed on column FJ40

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Feb 15, 2006
Redding, CA
Anybody have any advice or experience they could share with changing column shift to floor shift? I have a 1971 FJ40 and am in the process of restore/renovating. Want to make a decision one way or the other as to changing the shift to the floor prior to painting interior. Also transfer case shifter to the floor instead of dash. Floor shift kit from SOR is $285.00.
why not leave as is, looks so cool.
If your column shift is not all sloppy and worn out like mine was, you can just leave it, like Claudia said. There is something to be said for having no shifters on the floor, especially when working under the dash.
I will have a three speed top plate floor shifter and a TC linkage for sale here soon (about a month).

I really like the floor space.
Keep them. When I first got mine I was thinking along the lines you are but after driving it for a while I learned to love the"three on the tree." Makes it even more unique.
agree. I love my three on the tree. On the other hand, if you pull all that stuff off, be sure to save it so that some other cruiserhead can use it.

also, don't pay $285 for the shifter from SOR -- they go for much cheaper than that.
Not to go against the crowd, because I too have a 3 on the tree. But, if you are planning on upgrading to a 4 speed, you'll need the floor shifter. If you are staying with the 3 speed for awhile, you might as well stick with the "3 on the tree" if it isn't too sloppy.

Also, you shouldn't pay over about $150 - $175 for a floor shift kit if you decide to go that way. Search the internet for the best deal. There are tons of sites out there.
Another vote for the tree! After I rebuilt the linkage on my lwb45, I don't think it was really any sloppier than having a floorshift, and like the others have said, it's nice having the floor space. OTOH, if the linkage gets sloppy, it can be scary sometimes waiting to 'find' your way into gear when you've got to get out of somebody's way ASAP.

There are some people who just LIKE the idea of a direct shift, and I can understand that.
If your linkage is sloppy, I bet Mark can hook you up with new rod ends, which are still available from Toyota. I think that there are two of one type (AA) and two of another (U). This is on my list of things to do.

Since we are talking column shift. Does anyone have a column shift setup where the reverse light works? I am ALMOST there.
It's almost unanimous

I think I'll keep the 3 on the tree. Mine shifts pretty well(meaning when I want to change gears I am sucessful) That's one of the the perplexing things about owning this, I have no idea how it shifted when new, ran when new, rode when knew, etc. I have never even been in any other FJ other than my own so have nothing to compare it to. BTW somebody e-mailed me that has complete 3 on the floor w/transfer for $200 + shipping.
mikealaus, if you live somewhere near another MUD member that HAS driven a 3 speed, or owns one, they could probably tell you. Just a thought.

While I'm thinking [or pretending to!] you're not the same mikealeus that was at Surf N Turf with some homemade hootch are you?;)

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