3 spd t-case with fine spline front output

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Dec 19, 2006
Amherst NH
I've been looking on this forum for hours and can't seen to find it!
I sheared my 3 spd tcase front output shaft after landing a weelie. Looking to upgrade where I can. Is it possible to put a fine spline front output from a 4 spd into my 3 spd without too much bs? Not sure if its possible at all.
Yep, but you need the output shaft (main shaft) and the transfer output shaft. Short version - it's a lot of "BS" and $$ unless you have the parts already laying around.

Before everyone starts listing all the other parts you might need, this is the SHORT answer!
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I think it might be worth it. I've got an sm465, Vortec 5.7 and 37" tires. The case has held up fine and I don't need the gearing, so.....
we have jumped our cruisers for years even jumped over cars and never broke anything.upgrading the front housing is a plus, but maybey there is another problem that caused your breakage.
I believe it was the alcohol and the 30 other people watching that was the actual cause of the failure. So. I already have the nose cone from the 4spd. Probably why it did not break. I guess all I need is the main shaft, front output, fine spline collar, and front drive shaft fine spline flange?
Check your drive shaft and make sure you have enough movement in the slip yoke. They break pretty easy if there is no slip (bottom out) and you start putting real loads on them.
Going to check that right now. Could have bottomed out. Has alot of down travel, but not sure the up travel is enough.

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