3 Point lap & shoulder retractable Seat Belt installation issue

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Sep 16, 2013

I´m New user i would appreciate your help

Te situation is that i bought a set of 3 point lap & retractable seat belts for my FJ40 1981 standard (without roll bar) and i´m not sure how shall i install it because it has just two standard factory hole for screws

I will appreciate if someone could help me with any pic or explanation

Thanks a lot
is this a non-usa truck? pictures? there could be the third mounting hole on the hard top
pic stolen from here on mud . it should just bolt to the hardtop

see pic u can see the top mount bracket and bottom mount bracket


Find attached a pic of Seat Belts

look that it has 3 screw points and the other one which if for the short part.. so the thing is that my car just have the upper (for covered support) and the lower hole (for retractable system device) but there is another one which im not sure where it should be located

seat belt.jpg
The retract portion bolts to the angle bracket, which bolts to a roll bar bolt on the top of the rear fender. The "covered support" is at the top, and the third hole, the metal end, bolts to the outside of the seat.

Those angle brackets shown don't look beefy enough for seat belts though. :eek:
the other one as u call it bolts back onto your seat on the outside of it .

see pics

belt 1.JPG
belt 2.JPG

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