3 on the tree. PLEASE HELP

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May 11, 2003
Elmwood, WI
??? ??? Bought a cruiser yesterday and everything was running fine after after test drive and after check had been signed. About five miles down the road the pin that holds the shifter unscrewed!!! :eek: Does anyone know how to fix this. ??? I am talking about the rod that screws into the steering wheel in which the shifter lever is connected to . I do not know if it stripped from the inside or what. I can not get into reverse or first now as I have no leverage to pull it back against. Second and Third are not a problem. Anyone know how to fix this or how much is runs to have this fixed. Love the new cruiser but I am sick over this. Thanks for anyone that can help. Have an extra part that the seller gave to me that the shifter lever could screw into but can not get the lever off so can not unscrew the old on!!!! ???
Having a hard time pictureing the linkage, mine is long gone. If you put up a want ad here someone will have the parts to convert it to floor shift. An easy swap to do. Sorry not much help.
I drive a 3 on the Tree every day, and I am having trouble understanding what exactly is wrong, too. Any chance you could give us a picture?
x95tmp.jpg Sorry about the hand drawn picture. Feel free to laugh your ass off I am no artist. The big round goofy looking thing is the steering wheel. Everything is blown up so you can see and understand what I am talking about. Anyways where I have the arrow is where it is screwed into place. It is like a plate around the steering colum that it screws into. Mine unscrewed and not will sometimes slip on top of the plate. Has anyone dealt with this??? This is a problem I may need to go see the Toyota "professionals" about. I just love to work on my cruiser even if I have to read books to do it. Hate paying people to do work that I want to be doing. Thank you for all your help If you still do not get what I am talking about please say so and I will draw another funny picture for you. :beer: :cheers:
If you look at the shifter lever near the base you will find 2 small pins that push in. If ypu push them both in you can then pull the shift lever out. With the shift lever out you can push the shift column down and the piece you are describing can be unscrewed. It maybe easier to have the steering wheel off. I just looked at the collumn I had that is out of the cruiser as mine is all in parts. If you need parts I bet there are lots of these floating around as you have to go to a floor shifter with a V8 conversion. I am willing to part with mine if it will help!
After rereading you first post, you may have an easy fix...
The pin cant unscrew with the shift lever in the slot in the pin! So either the pin broke or the lever broke or came out. If it came out then pull the lever out again, screw the pin back in and then put the lever back.
[quote author=IDave link=board=1;threadid=7926;start=msg66911#msg66911 date=1069627989]I drive a 3 on the Tree every day[/quote]
Damn, that sucks. :D
Ditch the 3peed on a tree and get a floor shifter. You'll thank yourself.
Hey, man, Ize gots a bench seat. We can sit 3 in front. (Woofie in back).
I drive around with 3 in the front all the time. One girl in my lap, the other waitin her turn in the passenger seat. :cheers: :D
You and Michael Jackson. :flipoff2:
I see.

Must be Junk's and Shed's Mommas you have riding with you!
The 40 can't handle that kind of load. :flipoff2:
I KNEW i set myself up. :doh: But I couldn't think of anyway to keep one of yall from sayin that.
Thank you for all your help. I will take a closer look at it andd look at the base and find the pins that you speak of. :cheers:
[quote author=IDave link=board=1;threadid=7926;start=msg66911#msg66911 date=1069627989]
I drive a 3 on the Tree every day

I have them in my 1965-45 pickup, wagon, and 40, and love to drive that shifter. The open floor is very nice, as is the bench seats...
It's just a cool alternative. Kinda retro! :cheers:
Keep the three on the tree, they're a relic that most don't get a chance to use. I have a 1969FJ40 and love the column shifter. You could remove your tranny cover and shift into first and reverse by hand on top of the tranny if you have too until you get it fixed.

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