3 batteries for power? What connects to what? (1 Viewer)


Nov 12, 2021
I routed 6GA wire to a Blue Sea 50A fuse inside the engine compartment. Then from there a 6GA wire through the firewall to an Anderson SB-50 connector strapped under the dash on the driver's side. The negative went to the chassis. Once that was done I covered the firewall grommet with silicone seal. It was literally a piece of cake. Try connecting GZ's wiring via a SB-50. That's what I would do.

I'll probably put something similar on the passenger's side off the 2nd battery as I have plans for for items like dash cams, extra charging ports etc...

BTW, I have charged the GZ from the 2nd battery with the engine running and off. I'm able to fine tune the Victron charger for the different voltages in each of 4 cases: off the starter battery engine running & off, the 2nd battery engine running & off.
Yeah I already ran a 6 gauge through the passenger side, the problem is the connector on the end of the GZ car charger is like over an inch in diameter. I think I am going to fix this by adding some cable to the battery end. I am taking it to the custom shop on Thursday to have them install a switch block in the sunglass holder, I am going to have them help with that GZ charging cable and also have them check my work from this weekend for safety.

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