3.25 Back spacing OK?

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Dec 29, 2002
Walnut Creek, CA
I found some wheels I like but they don't come in 3.5 BS
Will 3.25 work?
I would think it would just put the wheel oout farther.
Yup, they should work just fine, assuming they don't have the smaller, hub centric center hole. They will be .25" farther out than stock.
Thanks. Thought that was the case.
New lift is on the way.
Willsta2000 did your lift come with any caster shims as part of the lift kit. 4 Wheel Parts told me it should be included but I don't think they are right.
Also, What degree caster shim did you end up with up front if any?
Also, Did you have to lengthen your drive shaft or did they work as stock or witha spacer?
Mine did not come with shims.
Get longer spring pins, make spacers for the head of the pin out of pipe, and get brass 2.5 degree shims from Napa for the front.
Driveshaft should not need to be lengthened. I would never fool with a spacer, get the shaft re-size if necessary.
Hey Dave

Did you decide to do just the lift with no reversal,... in which case, 2 degree shims will do the trick,... if you're going with a shackle reversal to boot, you will need 6 degrees. (My pinion pointed down) I never lengthened my driveshaft with either,... but was very wary about articulating my pass. side front downward.

PM me if you need any more info.

I ordered the 4" lift and am keeping the Shackle reversal. So I will have the extended rear shackle.
I will go ahead and pick up some caster shims. Did you have to put them front and rear?
I can't remember which way SR affects caster, I would install the front w/o shims, see how it goes, and if you need more/less caster, fix it. (you can feel it pretty easy) I think it was determined on a different thread that SR will sometimes cancel the need for shims up front.
For the rear, you will need shims, I'm not sure how much, depends on length of shackles. Pin Head posted a formula once to calculate needed shim size, I'd search for it.

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