3.0 litre turbo diesel

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More info....
What vehicle are you thinking of or looking at?
Japanese model, Australian model or what?
.....we are not mind readers!

Oh, welcome to mud :flipoff2:
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Whats the word on the 3.0 litre diesels???????

I'm guessing by the the way you spelled Liter that you are an Aussie? Do you mean the D4D in the Prado? That is a great engine; plenty fast enough to get your picture taken in Australia and probably very reliable given it is a Toyota. I was damned impressed when I drove one and would love to have one of my own.


Litre is the accepted spelling in most of the world. American spellings tend to use an -er rather than an -re in many words, however, the American spelling of some words are actually more correct than some of the English spellings when you dig much deeper in to etymology, but that's another debate entirely.

There are quite a few different 3 litre offerings in the Toyota line up, and some are pretty good and some are not quite so good.

A lot more information would be helpful.


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