3.0 head gaskets

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Aug 21, 2003
if toyota has replaced and they blow out agaian shouldn't they replace them again??or am i just dreamin :slap: :doh:
Pull the needle out of your arm tony... :rolleyes: :p
actually, it depends on WHEN you had them replaced.

Rumor has it the original replacement gaskets Toyota installed were no better, if not worse, than the ones that were blowing from the factory. I know I deliberately stalled on my replacement until the rumor stated they finally had it right.

no links or substantiation to that statement, just what I recall from various readings when I was scheduling mine....
I believe Woody is correct . At least that is identical to the info I got . I had my gaskets replaced with the good stuff , but I had heard of fellas needing to do it a few times , because the improved gaskets were not in existance yet . I would hope that Toyota still has this under a campaign if you had your first set replaced by the same crap back then . Ask 'em ...

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