SOLD 2UZFE Bullet Supercharger

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Nov 15, 2009
United States

Since the original post I have partially disassembled the blower, cleaned the rotors and replaced the roller bearings. Everything else on it was smooth, tight, and clean. It will also come with some extra parts I ordered for it from bullet cars.

I am hesitant to do this but wanted to post this up as feeler. I have a Bullet Supercharger kit for the 100 series 2uzfe. I have the water to air intercooler for it as well as the Chip Torque XEDE tunable processor for it. I have everything needed to install except for some of the coolant hoses. MSRP for the supercharger with intercooler is 10,500.00 the XEDE Processor is an additional 1400.00. This kit was installed on a 2004 100 series land cruiser and was removed when the vehicle was traded in. The Land cruiser that was traded in had 110,000 miles on it. I don't know how many miles are the the SC unit. I bought the kit used and planned to install it on my project LC.

I am asking 6500 for the complete kit plus shipping.

This is a link to the domestic vender for these units.
Bullet Supercharger Kit for Landcruiser 100 & Lexus LX470 [BULL_LC100super] : Extreme Landcruiser, Upgrades for Extreme Offroad Performance

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It is an Australian based company. I posted US currency. I will accept the Australian equivalent though if that makes it more attractive for you.

For Sale - 2UZ TRD supercharger complete kit
No, I removed my asking price because I decided to keep it as stated in the first line of the first post. I just changed the title prifix to SOLD to reduce confusion. Sorry.
This is back on the market with fresh work done and some extra parts.

Asking 6500 plus shipping.
Bump still for sale
Sale pending.

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