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Feb 9, 2012
Question for the pros:

There is a 00 LC with 231k on the clock for sale on CL nearby. I haven’t seen it but the ad had a pic of the top of the timing belt housing and the belt is broken. Is there any possibility that a new belt will get this thing on the road or is this a guaranteed new motor/rebuild? The owner is asking $3500. Worse case, I can drop another motor in for like another $3500 and have a vehicle for $7k. Looking for your thoughts. Thanks!

here’s the ad
2000 Toyota Land Cruiser (needs work)

2000 Toyota Land Cruiser (needs work) - auto parts - by owner -...
From what i've read here on mud 98-05 aren't interference motors like the 06-07. Your brave to post that link here, it might get snatched up from under your nose while you were contemplating this purchase.
Wow. That’s an OLD belt. The pros here will say that the pre VVTI engines were non interference and there’s a shot that a new belt (kit) could bring her back, assuming it didn’t overheat. I’ll let them chime in, but I’d still ask for less.
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Just noticed it's a salvage title, not sure how comfortable you are with that or how hard it will be to register/insure for you.
I'd go over there and see what cranking by hand feels/sounds like. Looks like a reasonably clean truck (at least exterior)
Thanks for the replies. I’m going over there this weekend to attempt to turn the motor manually.
Ad already deleted
Update: owner just informed me he traded it for a motorcycle. Oh well, maybe this will help someone else. Thanks again for the quick replies.
The engine was likely undamaged but you didn't miss anything there. We like to say "231k is nothing", but 231k without proper care is a lot of miles. That had to be the original timing belt. The chances that it was otherwise well cared for are slim to none. Don't know if it was a FL car but there was way too much rust and corrosion on those engine bolts. Unlikely that the undercarriage looked good.
That had to be the original timing belt. The chances that it was otherwise well cared for are slim to none.


And I heard 'Slim' just left town....................

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