2nd Sunroof over 3rd row?

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Jun 18, 2003
Oriental, NC
I would like to cut in a second sunroof over the third row seats? Has this ever been done before? I am thinking about a solid piece of glass that can be removed when needed. Basically like those manual sunroofs you find in tacomas. Has anyone out there done this? Also, what about a manual slider sunroof like on a old previa minivan?

Please let me know any ideas on this subject?


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Have you seen how far back the front sunroof goes? It's crazy how much room it takes up. At least your headliner comes out easy if you decide to do this.
I know. I just wanted glass above the 3rd row. They make some pop out roofs that are 18 x 33. That seems about right. I would prefer the 18 x 33 slide back towards the front so I do not have to deal with storing the glass every time.


I like the DONMAR Skyroof II.

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