2nd Gear Synchros out...now what?

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Nov 14, 2007
Grants Pass
I know it's a new guy thing, but I'm wondering what I should do with a 1984 FJ with the second gear synchro out? Rebuild, replace, re...what? Thanks for any info in advance.

Howdy! If this is your DD, then learn how to double clutch for now, and start looking for a good used replacement trans. That makes it a one day fix. Then, if you want, work on the syncro. John
After offering a good used 60 tranny on here for as low as 50 bucks with no takers, I finally gave it away. Buy a used one, they're everywhere. Post up in the parts wanted section, and don't expect to pay near what a rebuild would cost.
come to portland and pick mine up. 4spd worked great 160k. currently sitting in my back yard collecting dust,

pm me if you want it.

I made the mistake of repairing mine when I first got it. If i had it to do over then I would have used any repair money on a 5 spd install

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