2jz-ge swap into fj55???

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May 12, 2010
Hey all, I am new to this forum and will soon be new to the fj55...hopefully. I have had an fj40 and currently have an fzj80 but I am looking at a 1976 fj55 and I had a few questions about possible engine swap candidates. I own a lexus gs300 with a 2jz-ge with vvti and absolutely love that motor. I think it would be a fine engine in a piggy, but I cant find any info on my options for transmissions/x-fer cases. If anyone has any info on this I would love to hear from them.

I am thinking of setting it up as a daily driver and hunting vehicle that would likely see plenty of mud. No hills or rocky trails here around Memphis so an automatic transmission would actually be my preference. I am thinking, just buy a salvage gs/is/sc300 and use the engine/tranny/wiring/etc... if i could bolt it to a xfer case... and I'm ready to go!

I have read that the 2jz engine is heavier than the 1uz or 2uz v-8 but I haven't been able to confirm this. Anyone? I am sort of sentimental about the straight 6, but would I be better off going with the v-8? Negligible price diff between 2jz & 1uz. I would like to stay with Toyota motors (unless I went diesel) but I might be able to be talked into something else if it just made more sense.

Sorry for the long post, but I have read alot on this forum and I know there are people who will know the answers I am looking for and I want them to have as much info as possible.

Post away, knowledgeable dudes! Thanks!
Thanks for the link.

Wow. Whole lotta info in there. Took awhile to read. Good to know that my second choice (2uz) will work in an 80. I was pretty sure that it could be done in a fj55 because the 2uz came in a 4wd tundra so we know there are transmissions and x-fer cases that will work with the motor. Just a matter of cramming it into the old truck.

I still think I would like a 2jz though, and that engine was never used in a 4wd application (that I know of). The gs300 came with a340e, a350e, and a650e automatics. I think the tacoma and 4runner used the a340 some. Is it the same on the x-fer case end? Would the lexus engine/trans bolt right up to a Toyota transfer case?

I know my luck doesn't work like that. Someone tell me why it won't work. Quick! Before I get my hopes up.
if you could get it to mate up to say, an a440, then you'd be set. I'd love to see how this pulls together on a pig! especialyy since it's an i6, you'd sill have some nice low-end torque.

The other possibility is to disassemble the JZ's a350 or whatever you end up with, and install and a440 tailhousing, if possible. similar to this guy's build.
Lucky for you, the 55's got a long enough wheelbase, you can play around with this sort of thing, and still have space enough for a legit driveshaft, as opposed to say, 40 swap-victim.

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