2H Oil pressure sending unit; where is it?

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Apr 8, 2010
I have a Canadian 86' HJ60 with 2H diesel. Book says on the driver side of block, just forward of middle--not there on my rig, just the vacuum oil lines.

I looked on passenger side of block and can't see it either..

Have a new sending unit to install to verify oil pressure. Going through the rig to make sure key components are fresh and dependable.

Anyone have a photo of where the unit is located on the 2H engine?

LCDiesel60, Oregon, USA
No photo but it's sticking out of the block right above the starter on the right side of the motor.

I am looking at an '86 HJ60 Can spec.


same on all 2H.
It is about 2 inches in diameter, round, sticks out about 2 inches and has 2 wires attached to it.
Thank you all for the input: my book was wrong--!
I see what you are talking about--mine has a black rubber boot over it--so, didn't recognize it, tight under the EDIC--so much to learn. Have a new sender to install to double check oil pressure--thank you again!
No need to remove the EDIC!!!
Just climb over the fender and stick your body down into the engine bay and you should be able to see it....
Thanks--I hadn't seen it before with that black rubber boot on--didn't help that the manual said driver side..

Any other tips you have for the HJ60 I would welcome as I'm a newbie, 2 months ownership...
Why are you looking for the oil pressure sending unit?
Are you planning on installing an aftermarket oil pressure gauge? If not, I'd recommend doing so as the stock oil pressure gauge is pretty much useless. It doesn't give a proper indication of how much pressure is going through the engine.....
That's for sure--pretty vague system. Yes, doing a mechanical gauge as well as replacing the sending unit, as I do like the idea of keeping the oil pressure safety system in place for the EDIC....just in case of a low pressure failure for some reason--save me some pain ($) hopefully IF that every happened.
Have several parts, planning things out-so when I bring it into the shop the 'plan' and the 'surprises' go half way on track. In about a month, will take it down for a month or so to get a long list of things upgraded, improved, inspected and serviced--only had this rig 2 months or so and want to get a real solid baseline so I can enjoy the ride, and reduce breakdowns..

Enjoy the Spring up in Canada--still cool and wet here in Oregon!

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