Wanted 2h motor

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I have a 86 hj60 that i am parting out, I could give the front half of the truck with engine, tranny(auto) transfer case. I drove the cruiser down the 80 gravel buppy assed road to get here, it drove and road super strong, the auto tranny hase a shift kit in it as well. The axles and everthing else i want is coming out in the next week or two then i was just going to cut it in half and shop the window off and sell it like that. so you be getting all the wiring harnesses and such as well. This is a link to a video of it starting.http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO1h2bKYe58

you would have to work out the shipping Vancouver island

2500$ for the Lot.

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