2H leaking diesel @ primer pump. Pump won’t compress down to locked postiton

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Oct 31, 2012
British Columbia
Just found an issue with my 86 2H. I drove down a logging road to camp last night and just got home now. Saw the litfter/primer pump was leaking diesel. About a drop per minute. It seems the primer pump has sprung up and will not compress down to locked position. I’m afraid I will introduce air into my fuel system if I leave it be. Does anyone know how to compress it? Seems like there’s too much pressure on it.

Pics for help

Thanks in advance!


Its time to replace it.. they are readily available. Find the Bosch unit preferably.

In the meantime.. maybe crack the bleeder nipple on the fuel filter, and see if that will then allow the pump to be pushed back down.
Here’s the link. I have ordered two. The first one looked like what is pictured and the second looks like our original pumps. I prefer the slim design pictured which is on my BJ40. The other is my spare.
Amazon product
Crack the bleed nipple push it down and screw in that will stop the leak until you replace it.

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