2H Cam Grind

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Sep 16, 2006
Christchurch New Zealand
i own a 1986 HJ60.To cut a long story short last week on the way to work i heard that bad banging noise, yep big end bearings. I pulled the motor in the weekend and have started to strip it for a ground up rebuild. i have bought a ct26 turbo, 12ht exhaust manifold and anariod for the fuel pump, but what i was wondering about was putting a mild grind on the cam to give it better duration. Has anyone heard of a lumpy cam in a diesel or even if it can be done. Any info would be great.

Thanks Rich
big band damn !

1. Hoy you can found a CT26 ( that is huge for our 2H ) turbo ?

2. How you can found a 12H-T exhaust manifold . ?

I never ear aout grind the cam .. but why not .. I have no reason to say don't .. just wait your impresion about the performance of your engine with this turbo ..

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